MOXY STRAIGHT - Breeze Mid Worn Hem

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Moxy Straight comes in alpha sizing just as Moxy usually does, with three inseams to allow everyone to find their perfect fit

93 % Cotton 5 % Polyester 2 % Elastane

High stretch

4 pockets

When shopping for jeans, the first number indicates waist measurement and the second number indicates leg length. For instance, if you are a 24" waist (UK size 6), you would choose a 24/30 or 24/32 depending on your height.

Size XS S M L XL
Jean size 24"- 25" 26"- 27" 28"- 30" 31"- 33" 34"
UK size 6 8 10  12  14-16


How to measure 

* We define our jeans first and foremost by elasticity, not by weight (oz/gsm) like many traditional denim brands do. Super stretch means that the jeans has an average of 100% elasticity and great retention. They may therefore appear small at first sight, try them on to watch the magic happen.

Make your Moxy's last longer: Always wash as cold as possible, avoid softener as that adversely affects the stretch. Use a detergent without bleach and always turn the garment inside out.